We have a multitudinous number of different types of showers available for you. Based on the shower experience you wish for, the products have been designed to cater to your own preferences. There are rain showers, hand showers, overhead showers, slimline showers, shower trims, showers screens, body jets, shower panels, accessories and more! These showers come in a white, chrome or eco green finish. Wall-mounted showers are permanently fixed into the wall, so make sure you hire an experienced plumber who can properly assemble this appliance, since installation might be quite complicated. Also, if you plan on taking longer showers, make sure you get a shorter shower door or vent, which can allow steam and water vapour to escape in order to prevent an extremely humid atmosphere in the shower. Slimline Showers are thin, electric showers, which aim to reduce the space that a shower unit occupies in the shower cubicle. They have an on/off feature and also manage water temperatures. Shower trims have been designed to match the style of the showerheads. They also have different features and characteristics that make it possible for you to choose the one most suitable for you! There are a few types of shower trims that involve various functions to aid you during your showers. Steam showers contain a humidifying steam generator, which disperses water vapour during a shower. It offers a steam room type of experience with the option of a regular shower as well. This type of shower not only relaxes the body, but also detoxifies and rejuvenates the body from stress. It also helps circulate more blood around the body and has proved to increase one’s metabolism. Steam showers lead to clearer and fairer skin since they open up your pores and release dirt that is trapped within your skin. However, they can be very expensive to purchase and set up. Cautions: 1) Steam showers require extreme focus while installation. You have to ensure to hire an experienced professional to set it up. 2) If steam escapes the shower stall, it can lead to damage within the interiors of your home. Shower Screens have been designed to provide comfortable shower spaces that also prevent water from entering the other areas of the bathroom. These enclosed structures come in two main forms: tap right and tap left. Showerheads are available as separate units and have been designed with various settings to suit your needs. These settings include distinct jets, shapes, sizes, flows and more! Body jets aim to transform your shower experience into more of a massage-like adventure. These jets come in different styles that can distribute water in various pressures and textures such as mist, spray and jet. This allows you to tailor your shower to your own preferences. This type of shower can eliminate muscle tension and can have a relaxing effect of both your mental and physical body. Cautions: 1) Installation can be complicated, so you should ensure to hire a professional in order to set up the appliance correctly. 2) There is an increase in water consumption and also a risk of running out of hot water. 3) High-pressure water supply is required, so if you live in a low-pressure area or at a higher level of your house, you should consider installing curved water pipes, which help maintain the pressure. This installation is quite complicated, so you will need to hire a professional. Another option would be to install a separate water tank to provide direct supply to the devices.