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Wine coolers

If you enjoy wine, your refrigerator might not be enough to store all the bottles that you buy. Investing in a wine cooler might be a smart choice. The change in temperatures, humidity, and UV rays all play an important role in what is happening inside the wine bottle. It is the reason why wine coolers are the perfect way to store wine at the right temperature so that they can age properly and maintain their delicious flavour profiles. Whether you are a wine collector or just want to keep a few bottles for all the parties that you host, having a wine cooler is just so convenient and will make the wine tasting experience much better for everyone.

Wine Coolers Classification 

Wine coolers are different than your average refrigerators and are made exclusively to keep your wine bottles in a safe environment. Instead of buying one on an impulse, you should know about the different range of wine coolers available in the market, their size, and the price. You can mainly find different types of wine coolers classifications in the market based on their structure and the design. Some of the most popular ones are – 

Built-In vs. Freestanding Wine Cooler

Now that you have decided to purchase a wine cooler for your home, you need to decide between built-in or freestanding wine coolers.

Built-in wine coolers are made to fit in your existing cabinetry or their private bar, RV, or entertainment room. They are ideal for those who would like to blend the wine cooler with their existing decor. These have a vent on the front of the unit so that the inside temperature can be maintained. These are small and simple to maintain.

Freestanding wine coolers can be installed anywhere and do not require any cabinetry to be installed. They come in a wide range of sizes according to your needs. These have vents at the back, so one has to ensure that they are installed a little away from the walls to work properly.

Single Zone Wine cooler

Just as the name implies, single-zone wine coolers have one storage space where all the wine bottles are maintained in one temperature. Such coolers are great for people who have just started out collecting wine bottles. There is no need to change the temperature continuously, and the price is also lesser than its counterparts.

Dual Zone Wine cooler

These have two separate compartments for wine bottles, running two different temperatures. Dual-zone wine coolers are perfect for those who like different wines. They can store them separately but in the same wine cooler. These are, however, a little on the expensive side than the single zone wine cooler. However, these are a must-have for all wine enthusiasts.

Best Wine Coolers in India

Wine coolers will vary depending on the cooling system they operate on and the capacity. You can find compressor models and thermoelectric models in the market, and both of them have their cons and pros. Also, you can pick wine coolers in India from different brands depending on how many bottles you would like to store at any point in time. While some can carry about 30-40 bottles at a time, there are restaurant-style wine coolers that can easily store more than 100 bottles at a time. So, make sure you assess your needs and then pick the wine coolers online that would be perfect for you.




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