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Washing machines

At Wishkarma, one of the world’s largest online product catalogue covering all construction and home requirements, we offer a wide range of washing machines in all sizes, colours, capacities and fitting all budgets. It is as simple as browsing online through the web catalogue, fixing upon a model and getting in touch with the dealer or the manufacturer, request for a quote and delivery time. We are confident that you will end up buying the best washing machines at cheaper prices thereby reducing your overall project costing.

We have brought together the best online guide to help you choose and buy washing machine that your or your client exactly wants.

What is the first thing to check about a Washing Machine while buying online?

First and foremost is to check the energy ratings. A washing machine is considered to be highly efficient when it is able to perform its functions by consuming as little energy as possible. Drawing minimum water is another functionality that makes your washing machine more efficient.

Options and Possibilities Guide

Washing Machines are no longer simple tools that merely wash, spin and dry. They can be set to change their speed of spin, mode of drying, water temperatures, and even the number of spins per cycle to suit the fabric that is being attended to inside the drum. There are advanced options like delayed timers, prolonged and intense cleaning, woolen mode for the warmers, gentle mode for silks, a special mode to treat sportswear and even antibacterial treatment to disinfect clothes and much more.

Capacity Guide

Washing machine capacities are measured in kilos. The weight refers to the maximum weight of the clothes that could be washed in the machine in each cycle. Therefore, you need to first approximate the number of clothes you will be washing in each laundry cycle. If you are looking at washing a lot of clothes, you will naturally want to invest in a machine of a larger capacity. However, if you are not hard pressed for time, you would want to consider buying a smaller washing machine and then run your laundry in two or three cycles. There are models ranging from as small and compact as 3.5 kg to as humongous as 21 kg industrial washing machines. The capacity of the most bought washing machines in India varies from 6-8 kgs.

Guide to choose number of drums

A single drum washing machine is the sought after machine currently. All actions of washing, rinsing, spinning and drying are managed in the same one drum. It saves on space and material as well. However, two drum machines are also still welcomed by many. They allow for two separate loads of clothes being tackled at the same time. While washing is managed in one, another load could be thrown in for rinsing and drying. The two drum washing machines take up more space. More advanced options and auto functions are all possible in single drum machines.

Spin, Dry and Various Other Technologies

Washing machine technologies are evolving with every passing year. There are so many options out there to protect your clothes while giving them a good wash, that you will be spoilt for choice. For instance, you can opt to soak your clothes before having them washed. You can programme the machine to prolong the soaking process if you so desire. You can also programme the machine to start the entire process at a later time. Tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swinging and rolling are all possible washing techniques that machines can provide. You can also opt for a bubble wash, an energetic wash, a gentle wash or a power shower. You can also turn on the additional filtration mode to ensure that absolutely clean water is available for your treasured garments.

And then there is the possibility of adding not just the detergent but other washing aids like fabric conditioners and antibacterial solutions. You can provide your clothes with an oxygen wash or a steam wash. You can opt for partial drying or complete drying. You can choose to wash your clothes in cold, warm or hot water. While some machines will require a separate warm water connection in addition to the cold water connection, — where the water is heated in an external water heater, most modern machines internally heat the water to the required temperatures.

When it comes to the various options available in washing machine technology, it appears as if every conceivable washing technique and requirement is already thought of and made available to us.

A good washing machine makes life more comfortable. To choose and buy the perfect washing machine that matches your client's expectations is a must, as they keep coming back to you for all their future projects as well. So if you want to buy any designer made washing machine online, Wishkarma is the right choice.Wishkarma houses the world's largest catalogue of building construction material ranging from furniture, home decor, home furnishing, lamps & lighting, kitchen & dining, hardware & electrical, bath accessories, housekeeping products, dining and accessories, bar accessories, Garden and Outdoor Products and kids home products to tiles ,windows ,cement ,steel ,bricks etc.,




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