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Elegance in life can be achieved through minor tweaks and careful planning. Bathrooms and washbasins are one such investment that gives you a feel of cleanliness, elegance, and relaxation. Then why not take some time to install what gives you the most comfortable feel and appeals greatly to your eye.

We at Wishkarma have made it easier for you to pick the right washbasin for you or your client. Browse through our extensive web catalog of washbasins and related accessories. We have collated for you over 1000 products, more than 6000 designs from around 30 manufacturers. Click on your pick and contact manufacturers or suppliers to place your order and enquire on availability in the area of your choice. It's that easy!

Washbasins and all other fittings in a bathroom can leave a long-lasting impact on a person's mind. With this thought we have brought to you a wide collection of washbasins of all kinds and materials from the best manufacturers across the world, to suit all tastes and budgets.

What are the different types of Washbasin styles and designs that are available online?

Mounted washbasins: These are also known as countertop washbasins. They need a counter slab, mostly made of granite or marble. They give a timeless and classic look and can fit into any bathroom. 

Double vanities: These are twin wash basins set in one bathroom. They come in handy for people who value their privacy and are extremely particular about having separate washbasins.

Semi-Recessed Washbasin: The latest fad in designing a bathroom is to install semi-recessed washbasins. This washbasin is not entirely recessed into counter slab but rather protrude out to reveal the entire washbasin bowl.

Standing washbasins: These are for those who do not wish to have either countertop washbasins or wall washbasins. Standing washbasins can be installed by merely drilling holes into the floor of the bathroom. They give a sense of stability.

Vanity tables: For those courting a perchance for the antique and old times, vanity tables are best suited.

Wall washbasins: These perhaps are the most common kinds of washbasins. They are attached to the wall of the bathroom by drilling holes in the wall and fixing them with screws.

What are the different types of materials used for making a Washbasin?

Ceramic is the most commonly used material for all sanitary ware. It is easy to clean and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, it is the most popular choice that is often bought both offline and online. Marble is another material that is used and so is steel and stainless steel. Granite is also an alternative for making a stone washbasin. Enamel is another material, though it is generally used as a coating. Washbasin with a mineral cast is also available. These are lighter than the other varieties. Clear glass and stained glass washbasins are yet another choices available to the designer. They too are easy to maintain.  Fiberglass is another option. Concrete and polished concrete washbasins have a good feel about them. A customized washbasin with silver and gold can also be crafted according to the need of the buyer by contacting varies manufacturers on Wishkarma. 

In what colors are the washbasins available online?

White remains a popular choice across the world for washbasins. However, there is no restriction on colour. With washbasins in black, various hues of pink, grey, blue, green, or mosaic finish, the best choice colours can be chosen at Wishkarma.

In what sizes are the washbasins available online?

With the advent of online buying, gone are the days when there were only two or three sizes in washbasins. With different shapes, the dimensions available are also quite varied. A washbasin is usually 60 cm wide. There are however smaller and larger washbasins available too. Smaller bathrooms will need a smaller washbasin and when there is space, you can opt for large sizes or have even two installed. 

If considering a washbasin for the differently abled, make sure you have enough area for maneuvering the wheelchair or other supporting gadgets. The washbasin itself should also be pretty wide. This makes it easy to use. Ideal washbasins in this scenario would be about 150 cm in width.

Generally, a washbasin should be about 90 cm high from the floor of the bathroom. For wheelchair users, it should be lower than this and for a toddler bathroom, the washbasin should be much lower than this.

Washbasins are must in any house. Make the right decision in choosing and buying the perfect designer washbasin online, for they make lives simpler and your bathrooms beautiful. So if you want to buy any designer made washbasin online, Wishkarma is the right choice. Wishkarma houses the world's largest catalogue of building construction material ranging from furniture, home decor, home furnishing, lamps & lighting, kitchen & dining, hardware & electrical, bath accessories, housekeeping products, dining and accessories, bar accessories, Garden and Outdoor Products and kids home products to tiles ,windows ,cement ,steel ,bricks etc.




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