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Warming drawers are luxury appliances, and not many people have them in their kitchens. But, they are designed to keep cooked food warm and can be great for busy families where everyone eats at different times. These warming drawers are temperature controlled, so the foods inside it are kept warm. It is possible to design warming drawers to look like kitchen drawers so that they blend with the decor of the  kitchen.

Types of Warming Drawers

When looking for a warming drawer, the first thing that you need to select is the type of warming drawer that would be best for your home. You can find slide-in ranges and freestanding ranges that have warming drawers under the oven. In case you have limited space in your kitchen, purchasing these is the best option for you.  

If you are building your new kitchen or renovating an existing one, you should invest in a separate warming drawer so that you can place it around in the kitchen according to your convenience. You can place the separate one above or below your wall oven. Some of these can also be installed on an island, in the dining room where you would serve the food or in the pantry. Remember that warming drawers will need electricity to work, so it will need proper electric plugs to work. 

Features of Warming Drawers

Not all warming drawers come in a standard style. You can find warming drawers in many different additional features such as –

  • Humidity Controls – Some warming drawers come with humidity control settings that will prevent certain foods from drying out. If you want to keep food moist, set the humidity control to the highest temperature, but if you want to keep the food crisp, keep it low.
  • Temperature Settings – Warming drawers come with different temperature settings, ranging from 80 degrees to 250 degrees. So, make sure that you pick a model that allows you to change the settings according to the type of food you want to keep in it. 
  • Removable Racks – There are warming drawers that have removable half racks so that you can keep one dish and another at the bottom. It helps you maximize the space in the warming drawers as it holds more items.  
  • Stainless Steel Food Service Pans – Some models come with stainless steel food service pans that are great for big families. You can easily serve food directly through these pans if you want. 

Discover the Benefits of Slow-Cook Warming Drawers

  • Cook Multiple Dishes and Keep Them Warm – If you have to cook multiple courses and find it hard to keep each of them warm. You can keep the food warm and prevent them from getting spoiled.
  • Spend More Time with Guests – If you have guests at home, you can prepare everything and keep them in the warming drawers before the guests arrive. You can then relax and spend more time with your guests without worrying about heating and reheating the food.
  • Balance Multiple Schedules – If you have family members eating at different times, you can cook dinner and keep it in the warming drawers. They have the flexibility to eat it at their own times.

Keep Takeout Warm

If you bring take outs from a cafe or restaurant near you, keep them in the warming drawers so that you can eat the food later on without worrying about heating it.




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