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Toilet roll holders

Most people believe toilet roll holders are just basic bathroom accessories and do not give it much thought. While they plan their bathroom tiles, sanitary ware, and even health faucets, toilet roll holders are often ignored. Without a proper bathroom toilet roll holder set, your experience in the bathroom will not be as smooth as you would like it to be. You do not want to spend your time in the toilet holding the toilet roll in your hand so that it doesn’t get wet. 

A toilet paper holder allows you to have the toilet paper well within your grasp when you need it. Also, there is no need for you to touch any other area in the toilet or place the toilet paper on the floor that can result in infections. When you have a toilet paper holder attached, you only pull the toilet paper, ensuring a hygienic bathroom. But, just purchasing a toilet roll holder is not enough. You need to select high quality and stylish toilet roll holders to ensure that the roll fits in perfectly, and you are able to unroll the paper quickly and efficiently. 

A toilet roll holder does not have to be boring. With a wide variety of designs and finishes available, you can ensure that it matches the décor of the bathroom and even enhances the aesthetic feel of the bathroom. From ceramic toilet roll holders to chrome-plated roll holders, you will be able to find the perfect piece to match with the style of your bathroom. Wishkarma provides you with the widest collection of high-quality toilet holders made of different materials and with the perfect finishes. Browse through the category to choose the right accessory depending on your preferences and space you have available. 

Classification of Toilet Roll Holders to Help You Pick the Right One

There are two broad categories of toilet roll holders available in the market – residential and commercial. Residential toilet paper holders are designed for homes as they work with small size rolls and come in a variety of designs than the commercial ones. Commercial roll holders, on the other hand, are designed to hold larger toilet paper rolls. It prevents business owners from changing the toilet roll often. These are usually sturdier to allow them to last for years, even with rough use. 

Depending on the mounting style; there are different types of toilet roll holders available in the market. They are discussed below – 

  • Wall-Mounted Toilet Roll Holders – These are the most common type of toilet roll holders available in the market today. These are attached to the wall near the toilet to provide you easy access to toilet paper. Make sure that these are attached at the right height.  
  • Recessed Toilet Roll Holders– Recessed toilet roll holders are generally installed during the time of bathroom building or renovation and will need professional help. Here, a hole is cut in the wall where the recessed toilet roll holder is fitted. Since the holder is stored away in the wall, you will not keep on knocking on it. It is the best option for small bathrooms and where there is not enough space for other types of toilet roll holders.
  • Suction Toilet Roll Holders– These have suction attached to them and can be easily attached to the bathroom wall. You can easily remove it during cleaning or place it somewhere else when needed. Make sure to pick a suction toilet roll holder that will be able to take the weight of the toilet paper properly. 
  • Freestanding Toilet Roll Holders – If you have a large bathroom and do not have access to a wall where you can install the toilet roll holder, you can opt for a freestanding toilet roll holder. These do not have to be permanently installed on the bathroom walls, and you can keep it nearby when needed. But, it can take a lot of your floor space and is not ideal for small bathrooms. 
  • Tank-Mounted Toilet Roll Holders – If there is not enough space in the toilet, tank-mounted toilet roll holders would be perfect for you. These come with a hook on the side and can slip inside the water tank. The holder remains fitted there and would not slip off when you put the lid back on. 

Apart from the mount-style, you also need to decide from different capacities depending on your needs. There are mainly three types of such roll holders available in the market –

  • Single Row Toilet Roll Holders – These are generally used in homes where a family needs just one roll of toilet paper at a time. These are smaller in size and will not take up much of the bathroom space. But, you will need to change the toilet paper more often. 
  • Double Row Toilet Roll Holders – If you want a backup of toilet paper within easy reach, a double row toilet roll holder would be great. They are usually common in commercial spaces where the employees should not worry about how much toilet paper is available at any given time. These need much larger space, and the bathroom may feel cramped if it is not big enough. 
  • Multiple Row Toilet Roll Holders – In case you want to make sure that your bathroom never runs out of toilet paper, and there is enough space in it, you can install multiple row toilet roll holders. Even though these are not common in homes, they are a great choice if you do not want to worry about where you need to store the toilet papers 

Modern toilet roll holders are not just about giving access to toilet rolls; they also come with additional features making them a functional bathroom accessory. You can opt for toilet roll holders with different features such as shelves, lid, scented, musical, flap, and more to make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable. No matter what type of toilet roll holder set that you might need, you will be able to find them at Wishkarma!




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