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Refrigerators today are more than a necessity. They have become an essential part of every kitchen. Today, refrigerators have gone far beyond the traditional ones and come in many different styles to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. You can find bottom freezer refrigerators and even one with separate space for fruits and vegetables. It is all about what you would want out of your refrigerator. You can choose from a wide range of frost-free refrigerators in the market.  

Different kinds of Refrigerators:

Direct Cool/Single Door Refrigerators generally produce chillness by natural convection and these have the freezer inside the fridge itself. They have the freezer section much efficient. They are usually available in smaller capacities than double-door refrigerators. These are the entry level refrigerators which have a freezer on the top and vegetable storage basket at the bottom. There’s a disadvantage of frost formation with these kinds of fridges for which the ice has to be cleaned frequently. Single door refrigerators are the traditional types that are ideal for small families. They usually have a capacity of 50 to 250 L. These have wide shelves for food and a smaller freezer. 

Double-Door Refrigerators are most commonly used kind of fridges, where one door is for the fridge and another for the freezer. As most of the women in India don’t prefer frozen food for the family, most of them prefer refrigerator for which freezer is designed much smaller than the fridge. Most common food that is prepared daily such as chutneys, cooked vegetables, milk products etc can be stored in the fridge section while meat or some frozen foods are put into the top section which is a feezer. Double door refrigerators are slighter bigger and have two doors. One is the fridge, and the other is a freezer, and they open separately. These come in the capacity of about 230 – 450 L. 

Door-in-Door/Multi Door Refrigerators are the ones for which the door opens into a different section of the fridge or freezer. Of course, this uses up more electricity as each section has to have a cooling unit. Even though single door refrigerators and double door refrigerators are the most common ones, you can find many different designs and types of refrigerators in the market. Triple door refrigerators have three compartments – one is freezer, the other the fridge, and the last one is to store fruits and vegetables. Side by side refrigerators is other types where the fridge and the freezer compartments are built side by side and offer the somewhat same amount of space. Some other types include built-in refrigerators, French door refrigerators, and compact refrigerators. Each of these has its own pros and cons.

Choosing a Refrigerator for your kitchen

Refrigerators are the most essential needs at kitchen in India these days due to the high recording temperatures, especially during summers. Since a refrigerator helps keep items cool by transferring their heat to the outside, it's important to be kept at a distance from walls and platforms on all sides to provide proper ventilation.Picking the right refrigerators is not just about choosing the style of refrigerators, but also its practicality so that it works perfectly for your family. When looking for a refrigerator for your home, here are the top things that you need to consider –

  • Capacity and Size – The size of your family and your needs will impact the size of the refrigerator you need for your kitchen. You can choose from 150 L till up to 400+ L capacity refrigerators in the market. You need to pick the right sized refrigerators so that it will perfectly fit in your kitchen. Make sure that you measure the entryways of your home and the kitchen so that you can actually get it through your doors.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating – New models, use less energy and will help keep your electric bill in check. Make sure that you purchase a model with a high energy efficient rating and replace the refrigerators every ten years.
  • Finish – You can find refrigerators in different finishes to match your kitchen decor. The most popular finish is stainless steel, as they are durable and will match any kitchen decor. Some other finishes you can opt for are black stainless steel, glossy black or white, and some even come in bright solid colors for that retro feel. 
  • Noise Level – Some refrigerators will make more noise than the others. So, make sure to check the reviews of the brand you are considering purchasing to determine the level of noise of each of them. 
  • Additional Features – The more money you are willing to spend, you will be able to get additional luxury features such as ice maker, water dispenser, freshness feature, temperature control, and more.

Capacity Variants:

For a typical Indian family the capacity of Refrigerator does play a vital role in choosing it.

With family size of 2, it suffices to have a refrigerator of capacity Less than 200L which is generally a single door refrigerator and these are so cheaper in cost.

Those with families having 3-4 members, fridge of 200-300L capacity is necessary and it contains double or triple door with freezer mounted at the bottom in few cases.

The refrigerator capacity ranging 300-400L with Double door are a best option for those with 5-6 members of family size.

However there are refrigerators with lot more designs having multiple doors that can withstand the capacity of More than 400L which mostly come with a side-by-side feature. These kind favor the families with large size of more than 6 people.

Mounting Options:

Leaving aside the kind of Refrigerator installed at home, they can be mounted in two different styles. If you are having enough space to make the refrigerator Free standing at the time when you set up your kitchen, at a later stage when necessary can be moved elsewhere. This not only provides enough space for the other appliances but also brings comfort in using it as placed at a location based on your desire.
 And the other option is to fix it into a space which is allocated during the construction of your kitchen. This planned installation can be said as Built- in or Integrated mounting. This kind of setup brings a great look to the kitchen as this appliance is put into the cabinets. But when you opt this choice, it brings a disadvantage of not letting the appliance to be moved to other places of kitchen when needed as all the other appliances get pre-occupied into the spaces.

Choice of Colors & Manufacturers:

When purchasing a fridge or refrigerator, people usually tend to have interest in color that suits their kitchen setup. Different options that fit the cabinets with respect to the size are considered with the color choice too. Wishkarma provides list of various colors for Refrigerators like Stainless steel, Black, White and many Other fancy colors that are manufactured by various brands like SmegGodrejVideocon WhirlpoolSamsung, etc.

Other Important Features to be taken into consideration:

Frost-Free Technology

The main cause having this ‘no frost’ system for these appliances is to prevent switching off the refrigerator to remove the ice. Refrigerator overcomes the formation of frost using a small heating element installed in it. Refrigerator with this feature consumes more electricity, but comparatively serve the needs better and efficient enough to that of refrigerators not having the frost-free option. They also keep the refrigerator under less maintenance from the ice formation that messes up the appliance. The feature exists in all kinds of double door, multi-door refrigerators although not available in single door refrigerators.



Liebherr Smart frost Freezer

Smart-Inverter Technology

This technology is a great solution to run your refrigerators all the time even during the power cuts. The inverter used at homes can be directly connected to the frost free refrigerators and this is also called as Inverter technology that is most advanced and been implemented by brands like Lg and Samsung.




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