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Overhead showers

Overhead shower is the most critical addition to a luxurious bathroom.


The biggest differentiators among the overhead showers available in the market is the spray pattern.

The fancier ones come with different flow adjustments from pulsating to concentrated for a massage like experience.

Some come with LED lights that glow as the water flows through for a fun effect while taking a shower in a darker setting.


The shower head is installed on the wall at around 7 feet in height. Most are tilt-able to adjust to the height of the person and whether the person wants to get their hair wet or not.

Shower Head materials

The three common types of material used are Brass, Stainless Steel and Plastic.

We recommend investing in the ones made of brass as they tend to be of higher quality and last much longer followed by Stainless Steel.

Most city public utilities have hard water running through the pipes. Brass and solid metal typically have better maintainability. They will need to be detached from the shower arm to be cleaned and reinstalled when the water pressure lessens due to blockage of the nozzles with water salts and impurities.

Most nozzles are made of silicone / rubber and some are made with brass. The silicone ones offer better maintainability as it is easier to dislodge any hard water reside and dirt that blocks the nozzles. Brass ones last much longer than the silicone ones, but are slightly harder to clean. They require cleaning with a pin or may even have to be dismantled to occasionally service them.


The shapes available vary from round to square. Although it makes no functional difference, the square ones tend to be a bit harder to be installed as the plumber has to ensure the edges of the shower head are aligned to the walls for better aesthetic appeal.

Water Conservation

The reputed manufacturers offer a GPM (Gallons per Minute) rating. (A gallon is about 3.8 liters). Lower GPM rated shower heads conserve water better. U.S. based brands such as Delta carry the "WaterSense" certification issued by the Environmental Protection Agency on products with water conservation features.




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