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Massage chairs

Regular massages from a therapist can be expensive and take a lot of your time. If you are busy but still want to enjoy a relaxing massage after a hard day’s work at home, invest in an excellent full body massage chair. Massage chairs replicate the movements of multiple massage techniques to provide you a comfortable massage experience.

There are many different options available in the market for you to choose from. If you are a first-time buyer, the choices are going to leave you confused. However, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a body massage chair for yourself. 

Chair Size, Shape & Level Adjustment

Many people end up purchasing a massage chair with all of the features they like, but the size is too large to fit into their home comfortably. Thus, when purchasing a massage chair, you need to ensure that the size of the massage chair is appropriate for your home. The best massage chairs also come with adjustable backrest angle, footrest height, and armrest. It allows you to adjust the chair to meet your exact needs.

Massage Intensity

The massage chair you pick should be able to provide relief to the body areas you are facing issues. The right intensity of the massage is important if you want to ease the muscle tension. You can choose from high-intensity chairs that offer deep tissue massage just like a therapist or a low-intensity one that is more like a Swedish massage. Some even come with airbags for calves, feet, legs, and your shoulder area. 

Body Coverage

Massage chairs are made to target certain pressure points in the body and provide relief. You might not need a massage in all of the different areas of the body, so you need to determine the parts where you need the most attention. It will help you find a massage chair that caters to that specific area. If you work on the computer all day, a massage chair that focuses on your neck and shoulder area would be great. If you enjoy a foot massage now and then, pick a massage chair that has an in-built foot massager. 

Top Benefits of a Massage Chair

Even though people think that a massage chair is a luxury item for home, they go beyond the occasional relaxing massage. They provide a number of physical and mental benefits that can contribute towards your overall wellness. Here are some of the top benefits that you enjoy by getting the best massage chair for your home – 

  • Reduce Stress & Tension– Massage helps the symptoms of stress. So, if you have a high-stress job, a massage chair can help you de-stress physically and mentally.
  • Relax and Loosen Sore Muscles– If you spend most of your time in the same posture, whether it is sitting or standing, it can lead to your muscles being stiff or fatigued over time. A massage chair is very effective in loosening up those sore muscles.
  • Improve Blood Flow – The different massaging techniques used by massage chairs improve blood flow in different parts of the body. It is beneficial in speeding any injuries, removing toxins from the body, and allowing the body to take stress in a much better way. 
  • Improve Immune System – Regular massages increase the number of lymphocytes in the body. It is the blood cells that are responsible for the enhanced immune system of the body. Your body will be able to defend common illnesses such as cold, flu, and even fever. 
  • Mobilize Lymphatic Circulation – The lymphatic system of the body helps it to keep the bodily fluid in balance and also defends the body from infections. Massage allows the lymph to flow in the body and reduces inflammation and keeps away diseases. 
  • Get Rid of Pain – Massages help with common body pains such as headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, and others. It works by increasing the serotonin level in the body and decreasing the cortisol level. It allows the body to be able to manage pain much better.  
  • Improve Posture – With continuous use of massage chairs, it can help with misalignments of the neck, shoulder, and spine. Since it helps with the pressure and pain of the neck, shoulder, and spine, it allows you to sustain good posture over time
  • Generate More Flexibility – A trigger point can lead to sore muscles and restricted motion that can be quite painful. Massage chairs help provide relief and restore these spasms. Thus, it gives flexibility to the body and promotes the growth of new cells. 
  • Regulate High Blood Pressure – When you get a massage on the massage chair, your blood pressure can be maintained at a low level. Since you are in a relaxation mode, it will ensure that your heart slows down and blood pressure is maintained.



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