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Light bulbs

LED bulbs have established themselves as much improved successors to the incomplete light bulbs. Even energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps are increasingly being replaced by LEDs. Wishkarma's extensive catalogue of Led Bulbs from the best manufacturers and brands across the globe helps you find the right bulb online, all you need to do is click on the product and get connected to the manufacturer or the brand instantaneously.

LED Lamps for your living rooms and gardens

Warm white living light of LED lamps is now at least as pleasant as that of halogen lamps, because the initial difficulties of the technology have been overcome. The specified on each packaging color temperature of a living room light is usually below 3,300 Kelvin. Whether warm white or another color - the light of light-emitting diodes can be configured very precisely through targeted choice of materials and sophisticated production methods. Special daylight white (from 5,300 Kelvin) work lights increase the concentration and performance.

Dimmability and colored light

Many LED lamps are infinitely dimmable. When replacing old dimmable lamps with new LEDs, however, you need to look closely because the dimmers are often incompatible. Detailed information on the dimmability of LED lamps can be found on their packaging. If you have any questions, our friendly customer support will help you.Depending on their design, LEDs emit either red, green or blue light. While the first LED's were only able to light up very weakly and were primarily used as colorful signal lamps, today they also serve as white light sources - production-ready LEDs with white light have only been around since the 90&'s of the twentieth century. Especially promising is the feature of LED lights with color changer to emit light in different shades. Control is either by switch, dimmer or remote control. Both models with pre-set color schemes and variants with step-less transitions are available.

Advantages of LED lamps

With just a few watts LEDs can easily reach the brightness levels of the 40 and 60 W bulbs. The outdated radiant heaters can convert only 5% of the absorbed energy into light, the rest escapes as heat. Although energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps are much more efficient, they do not match the excellent energy balance of the LED lamps. The light-emitting diodes also have the practical advantage that they heat up little and are therefore less dangerous. LED lamps shine in maximum brightness immediately after switching on and the light remains flicker-free, even strong vibrations do not affect the beautiful light. The color rendering index of LED luminaries is also impressive. This code indicates how natural the colors look in the light of the electric lamp. As a rule, an index of at least Ra 80 is enough, for demanding eyes or situations it should be above Ra 90.One of the main advantages of LEDs is their long life . LED lamps usually last between 20,000 and 50,000 operating hours, so they can work well within a normal framework for several decade.

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