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Health faucets

Health faucets are quite standard today. Whether it is homes, offices, hotels, or any other places, they have become more of a necessity in every bathroom or a kitchen. They are handheld devices that deliver a good flow of water when you press a trigger nozzle. With people becoming concerned about their health and hygiene, health faucets such as hand showers have become quite significant. They are a great addition to all types of household bathrooms. But, they are not just residential products; they are also widely being used in offices, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, care homes, and anywhere where there is a bathroom. Apart from the bathrooms, health faucet washers are also widely being used in kitchen sinks as the pressure of the water allows for a more comfortable cleaning of the utensils.

Wishkarma provides a wide range of health faucets in many different designs, finishes colors, and prices from leading brands. 

Widest Range Of Faucets

Wishkarma provides you with a wide assortment of plumber health faucets for all types of taps. Here are the top reasons why you should shop for kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets online at Wishkarma –

Elegant Design and Convenience in Usage

There is no need for you to compromise on the designs when it comes to health faucets. You can choose from a wide range of faucets designs to match the overall décor of space it is being installed. Look for a health faucet gun with an ergonomic style so that it is easy to handle. The flow of the water also needs to be smooth for appropriate use.

Easy Maintenance

High-quality health faucets are made of quality materials that are easy to maintain. You can clean them easily with a solution of detergent and water once every week to maintain their shininess.

Long Lifespan

Health faucets are made to last a long time. It means once you invest in high-quality health faucets, they are going to work efficiently and retain their looks for many years to come.

High Durability 

Health faucets have come a long way. They are now made of high-quality materials that are highly durable. They can easily be installed in different places no matter what the traffic to the place might be. 

To keep up with the changing needs of our customers, we stock the latest designs of health faucets. You can choose from different finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, brass, and more to match with the aesthetics of the bathrooms or the kitchen it is installed in.

Choose from Different Types of Faucets

There are different types of health faucets that you can choose from. Even though their functionalities are the same, they come in different installation types. Some of the most common wall-mount health faucets are discussed below –

  • Mixer Faucets – Mixer faucets come with two different handles for cold and hot water. You can either get cold or hot water and can even mix the same for more comfortable temperature water. 
  • Bib Tap – These are the health faucets that come with just one handle. You can get cold and hot water by turning the handle in different directions. 
  • Nozzle Cock Faucets – Nozzle cock faucets generally have smaller tips and a more flexible tube, making them perfect for gardens or as a connection to a washing machine pipe. 

Apart from the above, there are other health faucets that you can purchase online with many additional features. You can control the water flow and the temperature of the water. 

Benefits of Health Faucets

Health faucets are quite common and have several advantages. Anyone who has used them cannot imagine going back to the toilet paper or any other kind of cleaning method after using the bathroom. If you are looking for health faucets online for your home or commercial space, here are some of the top benefits that you should know about –

Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

Health faucets allow you to maintain hygiene and clean yourself after a bowel movement. Many people might still feel unclean after using toilet paper. Using health faucets can provide much better personal hygiene.


Toilet papers are made out of parts of trees, and millions of trees are being cut for it. Using health faucets prevents the cutting of trees and allows you to contribute towards a greener world.

Money and Reduce Wastes

Since you will not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing toilet paper, you are saving your money to be spent on other requirements. Since there are no toilet papers to dispose of in the garbage daily, you are also doing your part by reducing the waste you send to the dumps.

Skin Care

Often, using toilet papers can make your skin itchy and cause skin-related problems. Washing using health faucets can provide a cleaner and better skincare routine.

Reduces Plumbing Problems

A lot of times, toilet papers can clog the toilet, and you will need to spend money to call a plumber and get it unclogged. Using handheld jet sprays helps you prevent plumbing problems while allowing you to keep your toilet neat and tidy.

Easy to Install

Health faucets are pretty easy to install. All they need is a hose where it can be fitted and then attached on the wall for easier access. The good thing about them is they do not require you to call a qualified plumber and can be easily installed by you.

Wishkarma supplies the best health faucets online that are ideal for all homes. Apart from the top benefits mentioned above, they also come in trendy designs allowing you to make a style statement. You can easily spice up the look of your bathroom or the kitchen with the new models of health faucets available online. Since all of our ranges of health faucets are sourced from only reputed brands and vendors, you can be sure that we select each product with utmost care so that you do not face any issues. 




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