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Garbage disposals

Garbage disposals are not just a convenient appliance for the kitchen it is also an environment-friendly way to keep food out of the landfills. It also keeps your kitchen fresh and clean. In homes, you can use these to send kitchen waste to the wastewater treatment that converts the solids into fertilizers. Besides, the most advanced ones also produce biogas from waste disposal to produce energy.

Everything You Need to Know About Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal unit is put under the sink, where it will collect the solid food taste and push it to the grinding chamber. When the disposal is turned on, the spinning disc inside it will move fast and move the food waste against the wall into the grinding ring. The tiny food particles then move through the holes of the chamber wall. These do not have sharp blades, but only two blunt impeller plates. Make sure to use plenty of water to make the chopping easier. Even after you have turned off the device, run the water for a few more seconds so that the remaining particles are washed off the food waste disposer and are flushed into the pipes.

Things Not to Put in Garbage Disposal

You need to remember that these garbage disposals are not like your regular garbage cans, and you should not put everything into it. Some food items such as potato peels, grease, oil, food scraps, coffee grounds, bones, eggshells, nuts, and other hard objects can clog the garbage disposals and cause clogging and jams in the garbage disposal unit.

Why Is Having a Garbage Disposal Great ?

Garbage disposals are inexpensive, easy to install, and low maintenance as well. If you are still wondering why you should get garbage disposal for your home, here are some of the compelling reasons that should sway you –

  • Less Garbage – Using quality garbage disposal will lower the amount of garbage around the house. You will not have to let the garbage sit for the whole day that can cause a stinky smell in the entire home. You will have less waste in your bin.
  • Less Gas – When food decomposes, it releases methane gas that can be quite harmful to your health. Even when food particles are buried in landfills, they produce toxic gases that are not good for the environment. Installing garbage disposal helps you reduce the waste in the landfills.
  • Helps Produce Energy – when you use a garbage disposal, you will make less use of trash vehicles and help save energy. On the other hand, food waste is ground and then sent to treatment plants where they are used to produce electric energy.
  • Produce Food for Your Plants – If you have a garden in your home, the garbage disposal will convert the food particles into fertilizers that can be used for plants. You can directly collect the waste from the tank and make your own fertilizer.
  • Keep Kitchen Clean– It becomes easier for you to keep your kitchen area clean. If there is no garbage disposal, the excess food will get trapped in the drain and leave a foul smell after a while. It will also attract unwanted pests and germs. Garbage disposal will not let food particles build-up and keep your kitchen sanitary.




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