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Flush tanks

A flush is a part of the toilet tank that moves the water from the storing tank into the bowl. Toilet flush comes in a variety of designs and styles depending on your toilet design. If you are looking to purchase a new toilet, you need to consider the type of flush tank it has. Even though the flushing system might seem like a simple mechanism, there are a lot of things that you will need to consider before purchasing a toilet. The color and the cost of the flush tanks are an essential consideration, but you will also need to know how much water will the flush use and how well it will be able to get rid of the waste at one go. If you are looking for a new toilet flush tank, you need to ensure that the flushing is not only helping you get rid of the waste but is also cleaning the bowl. Thus, opt for the best, powerful, and the most efficient flush tanks from leading manufacturers at Wishkarma. We have the best quality flushing systems and toilets to meet every need. 

Choose from Types of Tank Flushing System

You might not give it much thought about how your indoor toilet might work, but you might be surprised to know that there are many different flushing systems available in the market. Irrespective of the type of system you are looking for, here are some of the most common toilet flushing systems in the market – 

Gravity Flush

It is the system mostly used in traditional toilets. Here the weight of the water creates pressure and pushes the waste outside. The water tanks sit on the top of the bowl, and it has an elevated cistern that pushes water into the bowl and creates pressure. The water is pushed into the bowl, cleans it, and also removes the entire waste. These have been in use for years and have only a few moving parts. These are also silent flush systems you can find in the market.  


Pressure assisted systems work precisely like the gravity flush, but it has a mechanism that forces water at a much harder force. The tank consists of an air-filled balloon that is used to create pressure when water is filled into it. During the flush, water is pushed into the bowl at a higher rate than what is done in a gravity tank. This system uses less water and cleans the bowl more efficiently. But, such systems can be loud due to the extra force. 

Dual Flush

Dual flush has a unique design where you can choose whether you want to use more or less water depending on the amount of waste. These systems contain two levers within one unit. You can choose from making a ‘partial’ or a ‘full’ flush. For just liquid flush, the partial flush is enough, and you can use the full flush for a mixture of solid and liquid waste. Dual flush is environmentally friendly as they use very less water. 

Double Cyclone or Tornado Flush

Double Cyclone flush system is the newest flush system in the market. Created by a top toilet manufacturing company, Toto, this system does not use the traditional rim holes. Instead, water is pushed into the bowl through two nozzles on either side of the bowl. It creates a cyclonic-type action to clean the bowl faster. It is a highly efficient system and uses very less water. 

Different Types of Toilet and Tanks

Now that you know the different flushing system types, you should also know the different types of toilets that have the above flushing system. The different types vary depending on the functionality, size, structure, and sanitation needs. Here are some of the different toilet types available so that you can choose the best toilet style suitable for your home or commercial space –

  • Single Piece Toilet – Single piece toilet consists of just one-whole unit. These are highly modern and are available in a chic design to complement any bathroom décor. These are a little on the expensive side and have specific installation needs. But these also need less cleaning.  
  • Two-Piece Toilet – Two-piece toilet contains two separate pieces that need to be installed in the bathroom. These are widely used and are available in all budgets. These are portable but may accumulate junk over a period. 
  • In The Wall – Such a toilet has its toilet tank hidden behind a wall while the toilet is wall mounted. It is excellent for small spaces and those who love minimalistic designs. Concealed flush tanks need specific installation needs, and you need to check your plumbing system before you can have one installed. 
  • Integrated Base – Such a toilet contains a base and a single flush piece. You will not get the view of the crannies of the bottom of the toilet. It is easier to clean and will look good in any bathroom. 
  • The High Seat Flush Tanks – These are just like the two-piece toilet system, but these have a seat that is a height of about 19 inches. These are great for people who are unusually tall or have specific health issues and cannot bend down much. 
  • The Twin Pit Toilet – The twin pit toilet is quite popular in the rural area because of its simple design. Here, two deep pits are constructed that are connected with a Y-shaped junction. As one pit fills up, the waste is directed to the second one. It usually takes about 5-8 years for each of the pits to be completely filled. Once the pit is filled, it is sealed and decomposed, which is then used as manure.  

The above information should help you pick the flushing system and toilet that would be best for your lifestyle. Wishkarma provides you with a wide variety of designs and models of toilets and flush tanks of superior quality and vibrant finishes to help you complete the look of your bathroom.




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