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Floor and wall heaters

Anyone who has kept an eye on the wall heating for their new construction as well as during renovations can feel reassured that they have made the safe choice. The surface heating in the wall offers many advantages for your home and its inhabitants. Just take a look for yourself! Wishkarma's extensive catalog of floor and wall heaters from the best manufacturers and brands across the globe helps you find the right heaters online, all you need to do is click on the product and get connected to the manufacturer or the brand instantaneously.

Wall heating - modern living in perfection

The comfortable heat radiation is only one of many advantages of the wall heating, which can be installed easily in almost every room. It is also ideal for retrofitting! The only requirement is that the wall heating is installed on a plastered wall. In the low-temperature range, the surface heating systems are suitable for combining with modern low-temperature systems, such as heat pumps, solar thermal systems, etc. The flow temperatures are between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius - which puts less strain on the heat generator and the wallet. Especially for allergy sufferers, the wall heating is a recommended heating system. The surface heating does not whirl up dust in the air, which can contribute to the worsening of the disease. But the risk of mold and house mites is reduced considerably by the warm inner sides of the outer walls. Tip: And best of all - in summer, the surface heating provides great cooling.

Surface heating enables unrestricted interior design

Since the wall heating is invisibly connected to the wall, there is plenty of room for maneuver. No annoying radiators influence the room image - here you are completely free. You should only pay attention to the wall in which the heating is integrated, not to furnish with furniture. Otherwise the unhindered heat radiation is prevented. What works well is a wall covering of tiles, marble or other stones - this room design is currently in vogue. 

Floor Heating

floor heating means heat to feel comfortable, optimal design freedom for every room and an energy-saving heating. The larger the area for the underfloor heating, the lower its surface temperature can be. This results in the underfloor heating only small air movements, little dust raising thus a high air purity what allergy sufferers appreciate. In order to meet the diverse demands, we offer high quality underfloor heating in a wide range of individual solutions. It does not matter whether the underfloor heating is used in a new building, renovation projects or as special solutions for industry and large-scale projects.Our underfloor heating systems are tested and certified products that exceed the legal requirements - for the sake of the environment and energy saving, combined with top quality and a long service life. 

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