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Door accessories

If you are renovating your house or are decorating your house from scratch, there will be numerous decisions that you will have to make. From picking the furniturecarpets, art pieces to the colors, you will need to make sure that each piece you choose enhances the look of your home. One of the choices that you will need to make is to pick the right door accessories in your house. Plain doors would not add to the style of your house. With stylish, high quality, and the right finishes, door handles and accessories can go a long way in creating a striking look for your house. Apart from the aesthetic part of the home interiors, these door accessories will also function for you and your family. If you do not want to opt for a complete overhaul of your house, just replacing the old door hardware with new ones can make a big difference.

Wishkarma provides you with a variety of door hardware and accessories to match your style, budget, and finishes. Browse through our collection and pick the ones that most appeal to you.

Choose the Different Types of Door Accessories @ Wishkarma

There are many different types of door accessories available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for you. The design need, the security, access, and your budget will play an essential role in deciding what type of door accessories and hardware that you should invest in. Here are some of the top door accessories you need to choose from –

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks use the numeric keypad, touch screen, or a keychain remote to open and close the door. These use some key fob or a registered smartphone to open the door. Some models use your biometric to unlock the door. These can easily be integrated with the home security systems for added functionality and convenience. Apart from opening and closing the doors, these also have sound alerts that are turned on when someone tries to open the door forcefully. You can even set the system to receive a notification on your phone. 

Door Knobs

Door knobs are the traditional entry hardware that is quite common in today’s homes. They have a latch that will disengage once you turn it. If you lock the knob, it will get locked and will not reopen from the other side without a key. Inside the latch, there is a thumb that can be turned to lock and unlock. Some models have a push-type button inside to lock the gate from the inside.

Door Levers

Door levers are simple door accessories and do not contain doorknobs. You do not have to twist or grasp the knobs to open and close the door; instead, you have to push the lever down to disengage the latch. Once the door is closed, the latch is disengaged, and the door cannot be opened from the outside. Same as a doorknob, these also have a push-button or a thumb turn that will allow you to open the door from the inside. You can opt for left-handed, right-handed, or universal kinds of lever doors.


You can add a deadbolt in addition to the knob or the lever to provide additional security. You will find some lever or knob door handles sets contain deadbolts. The two types of deadbolts include single-cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts. The single-cylinder deadbolts will need a key to unlock from the outside but can be unlocked from the inside with a knob or a thumb turn. These are appropriate for places where you need to open the door during an emergency as you do need a key to open it from the inside. Double-cylinder deadbolts can be unlocked from the inside and outside and are perfect as glass door accessories. They provide better security but will take much longer to open.

Handle Sets

Handle sets are decorative door fittings for the entry door. The set includes a handle, thumb-operated latch, and deadbolt. These come in a variety of models, and you can pick the perfect hardware depending on your house décor. Whether you need sliding door accessories or for your front door, you should be able to find pieces that would go perfectly with it.

Wishkarma offers you door hardware in many different designs, colors, and finishes. Some of the most desirable finishes include copper, stainless steel, chrome, brass, and more. Based on the style of your home and décor, you can pick the best door hardware that would give your house a cohesive look.




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