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Day beds

What is a daybed? Quite simply explained: A full bed, which can be used during the day as a comfortable couch. That is why they are called Daybed or Sofa-bed. Daybeds differ from classic bedsteads primarily in their design. Because visually they are primarily similar to conventional sofa and couch sets.Characterized example, elevated side panels and/or backrests. Equipped with back and armrest cushions, daybeds can then be used as comfortable couches to enjoy thrilling TV crime novels or the latest reading.Also in the children and youth room, daybeds are gladly taken pieces of furniture because often space is not enough to set up bed and sofa together. To set up small rooms, which usually include guest rooms, have proven among other daybeds with drawers and bunk beds. These have additional storage space for duvet and pillows in their drawers and compartments. Wishkarma's extensive catalogue of daybeds from the best manufacturers and brands across the globe helps you find the right bed online, all you need to do is click on the product and get connected to the manufacturer or the brand instantaneously.

What materials are used to make daybeds?

As varied as the tastes, so large is the range of day beds and daybeds. For naturally furnished living rooms and bedrooms, classic wood such as pine or beech is often preferred. These robust materials usually get a surface treatment with oils or paints in different colors. Also, colorless varnished variants are under the selection.Another material commonly used in day beds and daybeds is metal. Whether in the form of handmade wrought iron with flourishes, bows, and snails or, in a classic straightforward way, made of iron - the delicately designed sofa beds fit in many different room concepts. In our assortment, you can even choose from pull-out metal bedsteads. In contrast to classic daybeds, these can be converted into a bed for two people.The third variant is daybeds in classic sofa design as well as padded studio chairs. These often have a high-quality upholstery of the seat or are equipped with (pocket) spring cores, which can also be used as full sleep. On some models, you can even choose between different upholstery options, so you can tailor your daybed or daybed to your needs. As cover materials, you can choose from artificial leather, woven fabrics or velvet, numerous variations in various colors.

What are the benefits of a daybed?

As already mentioned, day beds and daybeds combine the functions of sofa and bed. All you need is a piece of furniture to sit comfortably during the day as well as to find restful sleep. Most models are also very compact, so you will not need much space - ideal for small rooms and student apartments.

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