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If you have been looking to buy the right bidet for your bathroom or guest toilet room, then we ensure you that your search is over.. We at Wishkarma carry bidets in numerous designs from the best designers and manufacturers from across the globe so that there is something for everyone's liking. This small guide will help you choose and buy the best bidet that matches well with your taste and the dimension of your bathroom online.

Why use a bidet?

Water allows you to clean the intimate areas of the body much more carefully than just with toilet paper. The bidet completes the bath hygiene. A bidet is a must need for all those who put special emphasis on cleanliness.

How is the bidet used?

An exact rule, how the bidet must be used does not exist. You can sit with your head in the direction of the armpit or vice versa. Do it as it is most comfortable for you. Now there are two possibilities - either let the bidet basin fill with water and then wash or you can wash yourself directly under the faucet. For example with a washcloth.

How to choose the right bidet online?

Bidets are available in different sizes and designs - for example as a standing or wall-mounted bidet. In modern bathrooms and toilets with pre-wall installation, in particular, the wall-hung seating sinks are used. Rustic and original are the floor-standing bidets.

Buy bidets that match your toilet online

Since the bidet and toilet are usually next to each other, it is advisable to opt for models from the same manufacturer and designer for visual reasons. It not only makes the designs fit but also the color. Because white is not white - it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer or from series to series.

Buy bidets for senior citizens and disabled online

For senior citizens and people with a handicap, it can make sense to hang the bidet higher than usual. Usually, about 40 cm is like the toilet. By contrast, 50 cm are more comfortable -, especially for taller people. For a handicapped person, a bidet grab handles should not be missing. For wheelchair users, it requires sufficient open space both in front of and next to the bide.

Are there any alternatives to a bidet that is also available online?

Are you looking for a bidet with shower, a dryer, a WC? Not a problem, there is already such a thing. It is called a shower toilet and combines both sanitary items in one. If you do not have enough space but do not want to miss out on a complete hygiene, this is the right place for you. And of course for all others who have enough space left in the bathroom as well.

Choose the best design from the best seller at Wishkarma

It's not easy to find bidets that match your taste, price and your bathroom dimensions cum visuals. But we at Wishkarma, give you the best designs that match the toilet at the best prices from best sellers across the globe. All you need to do is to browse through the category and pick the best bidet design from our huge collection and ask for the quote online. Bestsellers with the best product at the best possible price compete to deliver the product at your doorstep.




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