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If you are looking to buy privacy screens or shading for your balcony, patio or garden from the best manufacturers or suppliers then Wishkarma is the right choice. Wishkarma's extensive catalogue of Awnings from the best manufacturers and brands across the globe helps you find the right product online, all you need to do is click on the product and get connected to the manufacturer or the brand instantaneously.

What is the right Awning?

A tube awning or a cassette awning, where the awning cloth is protected from contamination? Or an articulated arm awning, drop arm awning or mobile awning? What color should your new sunscreen have? And what size do you need for your balcony or terrace? In our range you will find different types, widths and projections in different colors, designs and materials. Compare awnings online with our article comparison, and find the awning that fits your project.

Choose the right Awning online

Summers are quite intense in India and everybody especially the children need protection from the blazing sun.An awning on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden offers pleasant shade. But an awning is not just a sunscreen, it is also a visual screen and often even a light rain cover. We have cassette awnings, sleeve awnings, articulated arm awnings and awning special forms such as clamping awnings and side blinds. So you can protect your balcony, your terrace or your garden from the sun and strangers eyes. The shading of conservatory and outdoor area is possible. Accessories for the awnings like the Brackets for rafters, ceilings or walls? Or a tubular motor? Maybe a new awning crank? All this can be found in our assortment. You do not feel like driving in and out of your awning with a crank drive? Then you should opt for an awning with motor - either with tubular motor and switch or with wireless motor and remote control. So you do not make a sweat by unnecessary cranks and can enjoy every summer day and recharge your batteries. You can even adjust the settings of your electric awning from the sun lounger, if you opt for an awning with radio motor and remote control. Optionally available sun and wind monitors take even the whole work off and let the awning in sun out and retract in wind. So you have your head free for the important projects in life

What else can you find in Wishkarma

Wishkarma houses the world's largest catalogue of building construction material ranging from furniture, home decor, home furnishing, lamps & lighting, kitchen & dining, hardware & electrical, bath accessories, housekeeping products, dining and accessories, bar accessories, Garden and Outdoor Products and kids home products to tiles, windows, cement, steel, bricks etc.




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