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Angle valves

An angle valve is a small inconspicuous fitting, which is usually found under sinks and vanities. Angle valves represent the connection between the pipe installation in the wall and a removal point, such as a washbasin or kitchen faucet. Even toilet cisterns for surface mounting or bidets are connected by angle valve. Wishkarma's extensive catalogue of angle valves from the best manufacturers and brands across the globe helps you find the right valves online, all you need to do is click on the product and get connected to the manufacturer or the brand instantaneously.

Uses of Angles valves

By means of an angle valve, the inflow for the respective sampling point can be shut off easily. This is particularly advantageous if the connected fitting should be replaced, otherwise the water would have to be turned off for the entire house or the whole apartment. Also, the user can easily interrupt the water supply here, for example, if the basin mixer is defective.

Self-sealing angle valves and design angle valves

Self-sealing angle valves can be installed without the use of hemp or sealing tape. These valves can be easily screwed into the connection thread, as a self-sealing PTFE ring is already integrated in the thread. Wherever the angle valves remain visible and are not obscured by cabinets or a vanity unit, the use of design angle valves is ideal.

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