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With the hot summer days fast approaching, you might be dreading the days when you come home, and the weather is annoying and intolerable. It is during this time that the cool air from the air conditioner can transform your mood. Wishkarma provides a wide range of air conditioners from leading brands to suit all budgets. You can purchase the best air conditioner online based on energy star ratings, installation types, capacity, and other additional features. So, beat the heat and bring home the best air conditioner for your home from different types of ACs available at our store. 

Air conditioners are no longer a luxurious appliance. They have become a necessity in homes and offices for the comfort they provide. But, the purposes of air conditioners go beyond making us feel comfortable. There are many different things that would not have been possible without an air conditioner. A healthy environment increases productivity and allows for clearer thinking. It also improves the quality of indoor air and keeps the level of allergens to a low. They are also quite useful in keeping insects and parasites out of the home since your windows will be closed. Air coolers also help maintain your body temperature so that your heart rate and blood pressure are adequately maintained. It will allow you to get proper sleep at night so that you can be more productive the next day. Excess heat is not just bad for humans but for the furniture too. Excess moisture can destroy furniture over time. Air-conditioners absorb excess moisture so that your furniture does not rot. 

If you are in the market for the best air conditioner, the choice will not be as easy as it sounds. There are a variety of air conditioners available in the market for different purposes and usages.

How to Choose from Different Types of Air Conditioners?

You can find many different types of air conditioners in the market in different capacities, ranging from 0.75 to more than 2 ton AC. You can pick the best AC based on your preferences and the size of your room. Remember that the AC you pick will be totally subjective and will depend on your needs. What might be right for another home may not be the best choice for your home? Here are some of the most common air conditioners that you can find in the market –

Window AC

Windows air conditioners are compact in size and ideal for places where there is a shortage of space. These come in a single compact system where the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and all the other compartments are within a small system. These do not take up much space and are ideal for flats and small offices.

Split AC

Split air conditioners are much better looking than the window ACs. They contain two air conditioning units, one that has to be installed outside and another one inside the room that needs to be cooled down. These come in varied capacities and can perfectly cool all room sizes. Apart from the cooling features, the indoor unit also filters the air inside the room. New models also come with an auto-clean feature to keep germs in check. These can be bought in many different designs, patterns, and colors to match the décor of your room.

Portable AC

If you live in a rented apartment, investing in split or window air coolers might be expensive as you will need to get them installed by a professional every time you move. Thus, you can invest in a portable AC. These are free-standing portable air coolers that come with all the different functions of a split or window ACs such as energy-efficient, auto-start, and more. 

Inverter AC

If you want to keep your energy bills low, inverter ACs might be right for you. If you experience frequent power cuts in your area, this might be the right choice for you as it prevents short circuits due to sudden electricity cut off. It also prevents the air conditioner from being burned. 

Features to Consider when Choosing Air conditioners

Even though the main aim of any air conditioner is to maintain a cool temperature in the room, it is not the only thing that it does. Modern air conditioners come equipped with many additional features for added advantages. Here are some of the top features that you can consider when buying an AC for your home or an office –

  • Sensor Technology – Sensor technology allows the indoor temperature to be controlled and creates an optimized environment in the room. The sensor can monitor movements, locations, absence, sunlight intensity, and others to adjust the cooling power automatically. The technology reduces energy consumption with convenience and for uninterrupted comfort.  
  • Inverter Technology – Inverter technology in air conditioners adjusts the speed of the compression so that the refrigerant flow rate can be controlled so that the power consumption by the ac unit is less. It helps save energy, and it consumes less power allowing you to reduce your energy bills.
  • Mosquito Away Technology – Many air conditioners are today designed in a way to repel mosquitoes. These used ultrasonic technologies and not any harmful chemicals to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, making it extremely safe for you and your family. 
  • AC Control Through Application – You no longer need a remote to control your air conditioner. All you have to do is download an app to your phone and control your AC anywhere and anytime. You can turn the AC on, off, and even change the temperature at your convenience. 
  • Humidity and Moisture Control – Many clever air conditioning units come equipped with humidity and moisture control features that allow you to have total control over your indoor environment. You can control the moisture or the humidity in your room for maximum comfort. 

You can choose high-quality air conditioners at Wishkarma. Browse through air conditioners from different brands and make your pick today!




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