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Electronic access control systems help protect your premises from unauthorized access. Simple in the installation and the application, the RFID access control allows only those persons in the building who can "identify" themselves with their RFID chip or transponder. Wishkarma's extensive catalogue on access control systems can help you right solution for your requirements and your budget by connecting you to the best manufacturers and brands online.

Security for small and large objects

We have access control systems for small and large companies, you can securely regulate the access authorization, so that only authorized persons have access to the shared areas in buildings or on a site. The persons identify themselves thereby with an RFID transponder, in the form of a card or a key fob, without contact to card readers or by input of a code on the PIN code keyboard. The RFID access control , making it ideal for offices, warehouses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, exterior doors, interior doors and both simple and ideal for complex applications with a large number of employees and multiple locations.

Buy cheap access systems online

We have even listed low-priced solutions for electronic access control in catalog - from simple PIN code keyboards, door access readers, RFID access control and networked access control systems for multiple locations. In addition, you will find cheap  electronic time clocks , as well as  time recording systems for working time recording.

What else can you find in Wishkarma

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