Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances are of a great use in the daily life and for the homeowners who enjoy cooking would know the importance of each appliance and it's use.

Kitchen appliances are investments that can last long and so when you are purchasing them, need to be more cautious. When you are particularly planning for a set up of stainless steel which costs you a lot, be prepared that it matches your desired budget.

This kitchen appliance guide will help you plan of the best kitchen appliances to choose based on your kitchen size.

Types of Kitchen Appliances


Hobs or Cooktops are one of the most essential needs among the kitchen appliances. Hobs are nothing but gas burners which are inturn transformed into another type known as induction hobs.
Types of Hobs
Gas Hobs
These are the widely used type in India. Usually Gas Hobs come in different finishes such as stainless steel, brass (metal). Maintenance of these hobs is much easier. But the only drawback is to take enough care to prevent the leakages happening due to some loose connections that cause severe danger.
Induction Hobs
They operate on special feature of magnetic induction. When there is heat applied through the appliance then the cooking vessel gets heated only at the bottom which in turn spreads that heat to the whole vessel. Although Induction Hobs are highly efficient compared to gas hobs, they are much expensive comparatively.
Gas Hobs
Gas Hobs with 4 Burners
Induction Hobs
2 Burner Induction Hobs
Both the gas hobs and induction hobs are manufactured with different materials such as Stainless steel, Glass.
They even have two different mounting options namely Countertop, Built-in.
Both the hob types come with several number of burners like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or above which are also categorized on Wishkarma with these choices.


Kitchen Chimneys which are associated with the hobs, are placed exactly above them. These appliances mainly are used to resist the smell or smoke caused in kitchen during cooking. They grab the smell and odour caused in the cooking area.
Chimneys mainly depend on features such as mounting, filter type and suction capacity in specific.
Particularly speaking about the Suction Capacity for chimneys, they can be categorized as capacity Below 1000 m3/hr and Above 1000 m3/hr.
However suction capacity cannot be related to the mounting. Whereas the efficiency gained through the suction capacity always depend on Baffle filter and Charcoal filter which are used as filter types.
There are many mounting options in installing a chimney like Wall mount, Island, Downdrafts, Ceiling.

Cooking is made easy with : Ovens

They are used for heating and light cooking. As people in India prefer having tea or coffee multiple times for which this appliance could be widely used and even to boil or steam vegetables. As the lifestyle changed with time, Ovens hold a special place with use in today's busy schedule.
These small kitchen appliances can be mounted in two different styles- Built-in and Countertop or Free standing.
Types of Microwave Ovens available

Cooking Ranges

Cooking Ranges are the appliances having bunch of components such as stove or hob, grill and oven. Hobs are placed on the top with grills below them and Ovens beneath the grills.

These appliances are mainly used at big restaurants where there’s a large demand for food.

They are mostly available in Stainless steel and Black finishes.

Few popular brands that manufacture Cooking Ranges listed on Wishkarma are Elica, Kaff, Capella and many more.
Cooking Ranges

Cooling Appliances used in kitchen : Refrigerators, Mini Fridges & Wine Coolers


They are the largest appliances at kitchen and are used for food conservation. Due to their size Refrigerators occupy much space than any other kitchen appliance. There are several factors such as mounting, type of refrigerator, color and capacity when the question what is the best refrigerator to buy arises.
Refrigerator Models:
The 'Refrigerator Type' is a feature that needs to be considered while purchasing it. When it can be categorized as door-in-door which fills less space compared to side-by-side fridge with both the categories that can be installed as Free standing and Built-in depending on the kitchen set up.
Freestanding Side-by-side Refrigerator
Freestanding Side-by-side Refrigerator
Door-in-door Refrigerator
Door-in-door Refrigerator
Built-in Refrigerator
Built-in Refrigerator
Refrigerators come in different colors like Stainless steel, White, Black and many Other.

Mini Fridges

Mini Fridge, as the name reveals a fridge which is small in size. These are one of the most handy kitchen appliances which are perfectly applicable as containers for storage of beverages or other food items for domestic or office uses. They occupy very less space compared to the Refrigerators. They are otherwise known as Mini Bar.
Recommended Brands for Mini Fridge

Wine Coolers

These are the appliances which maintain constant temperature with higher cooling capacity to keep the beverages cool all the time. Refrigerated Wine Coolers which also prevent the direct light to fall onto the liquid are always best to store the wine properly. As the light which effects the wine, needs to be kept away to overcome the reactions caused by it.


The harder task that most of the people feel comes up with the cleaning part. But to overcome such difficulties, Dishwashers which clean utensils were introduced into the market since a while.

As there are different mounting options for Chimneys and Ovens, Similarly Dishwashers too have varied choices of mounting. They can be mounted Freestanding and Built in.
They come in many colors such as Stainless steel, White, Black and many Other.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals
A garbage disposal is a simple machine that is used to dispose garbage or waste. It can function for longer period of time without any faults. Although there's some fault occurring, it can be fixed by oneself by resetting the appliance.
They save your time in keeping your kitchen clean and are also known to be small kitchen appliances used.
The inner chamber material of Garbage Disposals is manufactured with materials like Stainless steel and Galvanized steel. However garbage disposals made of Galvanized steel can function better as they are much resistant to corrosion to that of Stainless steel.
They come with various Horse power options:
1/2 HP which are applicable for domestic purposes under less usage conditions.

3/4 HP machines are used for domestic purposes as well but are applicable under heavy usage.

Disposals with 1 HP function very well at commercial places and industrial areas.

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers carry out various processes like filtration from impurities, distillation, sedimentation etc. So they have become the most essential appliances in the present world as the pollution is increasing day by day which is even causing the water to get polluted.
There are several filters like RO, UV, UF and with the present technology various combinations of these techniques are clubbed based on the product price.
With the technology of Reverse Osmosis (RO) which has been used by different brands for their products, the large particles and molecules can be removed from the water.
The ultra violet radiations that cause the bacteria to form in the water due to light can be prevented using the technology of UV filter. When it comes using Ultrafiltration (UF) method, UF filter helps separating the macro molecular particles with a membrane that forces the particles from the drinking water.
Water Purifiers

What are the best brands of kitchen appliances?

Here is the list of best rated kitchen appliances under several categories
  • Smeg- The Italian based brand backs a special place in manufacturing wide range of Refrigerators. Also known to produce different models of Hobs, Dishwashers, Chimneys and Ovens.

  • An awesome collection of Refrigerators made by Kaff stands to hold one among the best rated kitchen appliances while few other brands such as Samsung, Liebherr come in the list of top appliance brands

  • Mini Fridges and Wine Coolers are also manufactured by brands like Kaff, Smeg, Liebherr etc which marked their great presence in manufacturing Refrigerators.

  • Asko, Sleek manufacture Dishwasher products along with many other brands and you can find the list of dishwasher manufacturers on Wishkarma.

  • Chimneys which are manufactured by Elica are one of the best brands of kitchen appliances.

  • Few other manufacturers namely Faber, Gilma, Gutmann etc are known to be on top of the list in manufacturing Chimneys.

  • Miele, Prestige, Peacock Plus, Maharaja- They are famous in the market of Hobs.

  • When it comes to the category of Garbage Disposals, Sharp Crusher marks its brand name in manufacturing these products. While other brands namely Acrysil, Franke and Futura manufacture the garbage disposals along with Kitchen Sinks.