Bathroom Designs, Ideas And Fittings

The Bathroom is the most important space of all the rooms that has to be designed and well kept in a luxury home. Besides being a functional area they serve as a design statement and an expression of the homeowners lifestyle and refined taste.
Are you building new or remodelling your bathroom and looking for inspiration? Are you wondering how to turn your ideas into reality?
Browse through our catalogue of designer bath fittings such as faucets / taps, sinks, showers, storage, accessories, lighting and decorating accents. Also find ideas and inspiration on bathroom designs in our design ideas section. You will find products as well as a variety of creative baths to create a cozy room retreat.

Bathroom Accessories and Fittings: Essentials for luxury Indian bath

Please browse through our bathroom catalogue to choose the products and seek design inspiration. We will also show you possible alternatives in designing your homes and bathroom by means of DIY instructions on trends, tips and design caution. Our product selection guides, installation and maintenance tips are written by experts. We also have articles on the latest trends in home bathroom design ideas to help decorate, on bathroom tiles, unusual designer cabinetry, bath furniture and trendy sanitary elements. We feature designers across major Indian cities (currently featuring Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon / New Delhi). You may browse through their profiles in the FIND ARCHITECTS section to find the right space designer to bring your ideas to reality.

Bathroom Tiles: Wall & Floor

Find the right wall tiles from India’s top manufacturers of porcelain, ceramic, vitrified and natural stone.

Bathroom Designs: Planning & Installation Tips

Space and Functional Design
Consider separating the WC toilet area and the bath area. It presents a visually pleasant experience. Multiple people will be able to use the space as well. Consult someone knowledgeable in vaastu if you are particular about that. Wash basin is most used function in a typical Indian bathroom. It should be planned to be placed closed to the door. If space permits, it is best to place the WC near a window to let the fresh air in.
Wash basin: Designs & Models
If you are a power couple that does not want to be late for morning meetings at work, consider two wash basin sinks - His & Her. It is recommended that if space permits, they be separated by at least 4 feet. If your children are grown, it is recommended that the wash basin counter height be raised by 2-4 inches than the standard height of 36 inches to avoid strain on the back. Although smaller sinks look nice and seem like less work to maintain, wider ones are recommended, especially in the master and children bathrooms to avoid splashing of the water on the counter.
Washbasin Models: Three broad variants
Over Counter Mounted
Over counter mounted - The sink is placed over the counter. The faucet / tap will have to be wall mounted in this case.
Counter Top
The rim of the wash basin comes over the counter like a lip. It keeps the counter relatively clean and dry.
Under Counter Mounted
This has a clean and flush look. The basin will have to be supported by itself under the counter.

Bathroom Taps: Variants

Sink mounted - As the name suggests, these are mounted on the sink. These are the easiest to install.
Counter Top
Counter or floor mounted - These are installed separated from the sink. It requires moderate skill level to ensure the tap holes are drilled at the right points without damaging the stone counters or floor.
Counter Mounted Taps
Wall mounted - If water marks on faucets / taps bother you, consider a “Wall-Mounted” faucet. This option is the cleanest and easiest to maintain as minimal amount of water will splash on them. Be aware that a concealed part has to be installed into the wall before wall tiles or stone in put in place. Accurate height and center markings have to be made before tiles or natural stone - granite or marble and plumbing is put in place accurately.
Wall Mounted Taps
Most taps have a hot and cold mixer function. The hot or cold side supply could be adjusted by sliding the lever to either side. In traditional designs the hot and cold sides come with separate adjustments. The materials and finishes vary from shiny chrome to brilliant brass. Make sure a bottle trap is installed under the sink to prevent the clogging of drain pipes. There are wash basin waste-couplings available that could be periodically cleaned to keep the drains from getting clogged. Consider a large window to the side of the room where it is possible to bring in sunlight. This is very essential to prevent the growth of mold that causes respiratory issues. You must install a bathroom chimney to remove the steam and prevent fog and moisture from settling around the space.

Toilet Design

If plumbing permits, consider using a wall-hung WC as it is easier to mop under it. Ensure original WC wall fasteners are used as recommended by the manufacturer.
For the right-handed, make sure the health - faucet is installed on the right of the WC. Many a times, this simple detail is overlooked and is left to the plumber to decide based on the availability of the water source. A concealed flush tank is essential for a clean look. Be aware that the wall at the back should be at least 6 inches thick for a concealed cistern to be installed. Be sure to provision for a drain in close proximity to allow for washing of the area.

Bathroom Showers Design: Tips & Caution

True luxury shower spaces are at least 3 and half feet wide and 4 feet long. If you prefer taking a head bath often, consider a ceiling mounted rain shower. For women the do not want to wet their hair too often, a handshower may be used as well. Install a diverter to switch the water flow between the two as desired. A faucet spout is an option if you require ability to wash your feet. For a spa like experience, body jets are a great addition to a luxurious bathroom. Be sure that your water supply has sufficient pressure for the body jets to work as desired. Else, you may want to install a small water pressure pump outside the bathroom.

Shower Mixer: Thermostatic or Manual

A shower mixer is required to mix the hot and cold water from either sides. There are two types of mixers: Manual and Thermostatic. In a typical house with multiple bathrooms, it is possible that more than one is used simultaneously. Water pressure may suddenly wary when you are in the middle of your shower. This may cause discomfort or even scalding. Thermostatic mixers are designed to maintain an exact temperature of water by regulating the flow of hot and cold side even when there is sudden drop in water pressure.
Thermostatic Shower Mixers
Manual mixers require you to adjust the water supply either on the hot or the cold side manually while taking the shower.
Shower Mixers
Most mixers come with concealed body components that have to be installed into the wall before tile or stone cladding is done. This gives a neat and flush look. Mixers in classic design variants are installed externally away from the wall.
Shower Mixers
Bathroom: Safety, Preventive Care & Maintenance
Be sure to install a water softener to make sure the shiny chrome or bright brass of the mixer and other shower components stay devoid of hard water marks. For wall cladding and flooring natural stone such as Italian Statuario, Carrara or Greek Thassos marble is a very luxurious option. Precautions have to be taken to make sure the stone does not get stained from the back by the use of in appropriate adhesives such as white cement etc. Be sure to use a marble bonding agent made out of marble dust as an adhesive. A good part of marble content is iron (Fe). If it comes in contact with cement from the back or water it tends to rust and discolour. Stone has to be sealed with an impregnator or a nano sealer to avoid water absorption and staining. The sheen on the stone will last much longer as well. The sealant / impregnator will have to re applied once in 2 to 4 years depending on how often the space is used. A gap of 2 to 4 mm is required between tiles to ensure grout settles in and forms a seal to prevent the water from seeping thru to the walls and below the floor. Make sure you install a safety film on glass and mirrors to prevent injuries in the event the glass chips or breaks. In most countries, it is required by law to install a safety film on all residential glass to ensure safety of the occupants. During the planning stage, consider a towel rack and sufficient space to place fresh and dry clothes.
Bathroom Lighting and Ambience
Lighting and ambiance: Dimmable lights Task lights near the mirror with light directly in front of your face are right when applying make up or shaving. Ambient lighting, especially the ones that are dimmable are right especially in the evening when you are winding down for sleep. Care has to be taken while installing plumbing and electrical fixtures close to each other.
Plumbing: Tips and Caution
It is recommended to avoid sharp 90 degree bends in water piping to avoid degradation in water pressure. The plumbing joints should be pressure tested before wall tiles or stone is installed to ensure years of trouble free usage.

Toilet & Bathroom Fittings: Popular Brands

American brand of quality fittings and sanitary ware.
German brand of designer ceramic sanitary ware and storage cabinets. Some of their products are manufactured in India as well.
German manufacturer of high end bath fittings for a spa like experience.
Quality Indian brand featuring faucets, showers, whirlpools, spas, saunas and steam rooms.