Wine Coolers

Choosing a Wine Cooler for your Kitchen

Wine Cooler which is refrigerated in particular is the best place to store and maintain your wine properly. You can find the top rated brands which manufacture wine coolers like Kaff, Liebherr, Smeg, Miele, Siemens along with many other on Wishkarma.

Wine cooler and a Refrigerated wine cooler/Cellar are two different types with a basic difference for time of storage. A normal wine cooler can be used to store when one prefers to consume the wine within a very short time of less than an year from the time it’s kept for storage. Else with a huge collection of wine that can be stored for a longer period of more than 12 months, Refrigerated wine cellar is the best option that helps longer storage for your wine.

There are various options of Bottle Capacities that can be used to store based on the build of the Wine Cooler. A basic size wine cooler is used to store Less than 20 bottles in it. Slightly bigger one can accommodate 20-30 bottles. Wine cooler which matches the size of mini fridge can place 30-40 bottles. 40-60 and Above 60 bottle capacities are the other two options for storing wine bottles and these Wine chillers resemble a Refrigerator of large size.

When it comes to mounting a wine cooler, Freestanding and Built in are two kinds that the appliance can be installed. Built in wine cooler is always better for mounting these appliances that can save space and fixed into a particular area they are not frequently used like other Kitchen Appliances such as Refrigerators, Hobs, Ovens etc.