Choosing A Microwave Oven For Your Kitchen

Microwave Oven which is called as Microwave in short fulfills several cooking functions like Roasting, Heating, Baking and Grilling. They generate heat by microwave radiations to cook and the heat produced is uniformly distributed in the food item as it contains a circular rotating plate on which the food is placed. Most of the Microwaves are electric, however very few are natural gas based systems. Cooking can be done easier with stylish experience using these appliances.

Types Of Microwave Ovens:

1. Multifunction Microwaves

When you consider cooking different food items at a time like cooking the potatoes, meat and roasting any food item using three multiple heating elements by adjusting them to their heating levels respectively and this adjustment could be done behind the oven walls for which multi function ovens could be used. They can also be used to make pizzas where the heat is produced for baking purposes in the oven from bottom. So these appliances in turn prove to have functions of convention and heating technology.


2. Steam Microwave Ovens

It can reheat and defrost food as the moist heat which occurs in these appliances heats faster than a normal oven which produces dry heat. You cannot roast or grill food on this kind as it might catch fire on deep burning when left for a long time.


Smeg Microwaves with Steam function

3. Combination Microwaves make faster grilling and roasting

They can be otherwise named as Combi Microwave and they offer many features such as roasting, grilling, microwave, convection cooking. The grill plated microwaves are provided with the heating coils which act as the convection to make the food brown in colour. Various grill functions and combination modes can be set to your requirement to prepare the food faster. However it is not possible to bake items in these kind of microwaves.


Combi Microwave Ovens by Capella

There are two varied Mounting options for installing a microwave oven :

1. Free standing

They can be installed anywhere on the countertop in the kitchen. These Free standing or countertop microwave ovens are widely available in different finishes like Stainless steel, Black, White.

2. Built in

They can be otherwise called as integrated microwave ovens. They add some free space to the counter integrating themselves into the cabinets arranged at kitchen. Built-in microwaves even provide a stylish look and are available in similar finishes to that of Free standing ovens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Microwave Oven :

When considering microwave, there are many advantages included compared to disadvantages in using the appliances.


Time saver- Many people these days have a hectic schedule that they can't spare some time for cooking. Less than half part of the time spent at gas stoves is enough for the same task to be done using microwaves.
Quick Preparation- Frozen foods don’t consume much time to get heated.
Heating- Using an oven prevents the utensils to get heated, while heating the food.
Nutritional values- Taste of the food items remains unchanged even on reheating and nutrients are not lost.
Healthy- The best low fat cooking lies in a microwave as they don’t need oil to prepare food.
Many features- Baking function is possible only with these appliances along with many other features such as grilling, roasting and heating.


Color change- When the food items are overcooked, the color or taste changes.
Exception for few foods- Food items dipped in deep oil which are usually done on gas stoves, cannot be prepared with microwaves.
Materials- All the vessels or utensils made of different materials cannot be used. Metal objects should never be put into the microwave for cooking, while the plastic containers are also not preferable.
Health Hazardous- The radio waves carried in the appliance may spoil the health if these appliances are used excessively.