Mini Fridges

Buying Guide for Mini Fridge

Mini fridge is one of the smaller appliances used at kitchen. It is used to store perishable food when you have limited space that best fits to the size of your kitchen. When you are purchasing the appliance, two important factors to be observed are the capacity and energy efficiency. Although it doesn’t consume more electricity compared to the big refrigerator, all of them don't have maximum efficiency benefits. And when there’s need for storage of frozen foods at your kitchen with less space, then make sure there's an option of having your mini fridge with freezer.


Mostly they are used in hotels and at places where usage is less like paying guest accommodations. These are also called as compact refrigerator which practically suit spaces like offices, small homes and many other places. But check the mini fridge dimensions to install it easily into the space available. When it comes to the capacity of Mini Fridge, they usually bear capacity less than 200 litres. As most of them come alone without a freezer, they are said to have direct cooling technology unlike usual refrigerators which have separate options of cooling the freezer.


When the factor of cleaning comes into reality, it can be done easily as the appliance is smaller in size and can also be carried without any effort when necessary. The maintenance is also simpler as these appliances prevent frost formation. And also as many of the brands these days manufacture these appliances with an automatic stabilizer option to support against power cuts that occur frequently in most parts of India.