Hob otherwise technically called as Cooktop which is a common essential need for house wife at kitchen, come in various designs and sizes depending on the number of burners. It's always recommended to have separate space for cooking appliance and Oven if your kitchen is wide spread as this increases the comfort to cook.

Types of Kitchen Hobs

Hobs come in two varied types such as Gas, Induction Hobs which are traditional, modern in style respectively.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to have an easy and safe access to gas cylinder if you are using a gas hob. The pipe connected to the cylinder should not have bends which might bring the cuts internally and that in turn causes the leakage. Induction hobs need to have an access to the plug point to be connected whenever necessary.

1. Gas Hob

Gas hobs are the ones popularly known in India from a long time due to the less cost and more efficiency. They are available in several sizes depending on the number of burners which are categorized in a range of 2 to 5 depending on the family needs. They are also easy to clean and safer to use. Gas Hobs are usually made of glass and stainless steel finish. Stainless steel(SS) is more reliable due to its hardness which helps them last long and for easier maintenance. Whereas glass have quite different properties of breakage when heat or pressure is heavily flown. Glass requires more maintenance to that of SS although it appears to have a stylish look.

Glen Gas hob made of Stainless steel material mounted on Counter top

Gas Hob made of Tempered Glass by Siemens

2. Induction Hob

When a pan or vessel is put on the hob, the heat is directly produced on to the vessel from the magnetic field of the hob. This process of heating is called magnetic induction and it happens much faster. The heating process continues through the bottom of the pan or vessel. They are energy efficient and are easy to clean while the dis- advantages involved with the Induction Hobs while choosing are they can be used only to specific kinds of cookware and are also expensive compared to conventional hobs.


Induction Hob by Capella

Mounting Options

Another feature for picking a hob is Mounting or Installation. The mounting or installation can be differentiated as Built in and Countertop. Built- in hobs are comparatively good in appearance, but similarly hobs can also be mounted Counter- top for both kinds of hobs: gas as well as induction.

1. Built-in

As the name suggests, these are the hobs which are installed into the kitchen countertop. During the installation the wires connected to it are arranged right under the surface of the countertop. So hobs installed into the surface make a look of stylish setup in appearance. They have an only option of auto ignition. Built-in hobs most commonly come with triple flame burners. In few cases the knobs for these kinds of hobs have rubber gaskets that prevent leakage of water during the cleaning process. They have a disadvantage of longer time periods for cooking when compared to the conventional hobs.


Nagold Built in Hob with 5 Burners

2. Counter- top

This kind of installation is so easy to be done compared to the built in set up. Both the Gas and Induction hobs could be installed on the counter top.


Induction Hob mounted on Counter top manufactured by Hindware