Garbage Disposals

Buying Guide for Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are appliances that are used to dispose waste and garbage. These small kitchen appliances are so handy for cleanliness. The grinding chamber of these appliances is manufactured using materials such as Stainless steel and Galvanized steel.
For a household when disposing waste produced quiet frequently, garbage disposal having ¾ horse power models is needed for domestic purpose. And for those having less stuff to dump the waste, ½ horse power disposals would be enough at home. For many heavy commercial and industrial based applications, 1 horse power motors are suitable to carry out the operation of disposing.

Garbage Disposals can be divided into two types namely:

1. Continuous feed
These are the ones that operate continuously on the waste dumped by just switching on the system when necessary. They best suit heavier job of disposing more waste at a time.

2. Batch feed
They are quiet different compared to the operation of continuous feeding system, as they only operate batches of waste once the lid covers the disposal unit. They can carry only smaller duty operations while they have a great advantage of safety as the system is closed during the process of waste disposal.

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