Body Jets

Buying Guide for Body Jets

Body Jets add the utility of a spa to your bathrooms. They are most preferred option while remodelling bathrooms from basic functional bath units to spa units. Indulgence of body jets into bathroom fittings also helps in getting rid of body aches while managing the water temperature seamlessly.

Body Jets and their physical functionality

When installed, body jets are either protruding away from the wall or are caved into the wall and the flush of water ejects at the wall level. Protruding body jets can be adjusted to a certain spot on your body. The ones that sit into the walls are aesthetically a better option. They are cleaner and minimalist in design.

Features of Body Jets

Body Jets allow flow rate adjustment. Some body jets could be turned to alter the flow rate to reduce the pressure and conserve water.
Flow or Spray pattern adjustment is also available in the more expensive models.
They come with swivel joints with Rubber, silicon or metal nozzles

Materials and Finish

Most body jets are made of stainless steel or plastic with a polished chrome finish. The other materials used are aluminium and brass.The polished chrome finish deteriorates over a period of time in hard water conditions. We recommend a metal-based one as it is easier to dislodge any salt water marks and restore the finish.You mostly find body jets with silver, chrome, gold and brass finish.You may want to choose the style of body jets that match your overall bathroom theme. Body Jets are available to suit contemporary, classic and minimalist bathroom design themes.Most popular shapes in which you find body jets are - square, rectangular, round, oval and corner shapes options.

Installation Caution

While installing body jets, ensure that you have equipped the house with infrastructure that can support water flow and plumbing. Here are a few pointers to pay attention to.
It is very important that sufficient inlet water pressure is available for the best use of body jets and for an optimal experience. Many a times this is an overlooked fact and the water spray barely makes it to the body of person standing in front of it.
Unless there is an overhead tank, it is advised to install a water pump to maintain a water pressure greater than 2 bars. This is recommended to accommodate variations in water flows. To know more about different options of body jets available in the market, review our complete catalogue of body jets here - We have a spread of body jet options across a variety of brands.